Composer for media

 “There is only one real happiness in life, and that is the happiness of creating.”

 – Frederick Delius –

Have you ever noticed the importance of music in a film? How an emotion, a feeling or an information is transported subconsciously even after the first seconds of a film?

Hi, I am Hans and I am a composer for media based in Salzburg – Austria.

The enthusiasm for film music came in my early childhood with the Walt Disney classics. Their fantastic way of supporting the stories with emotional, versatile, colorful music and great arrangements is something I always try to achieve in a project.

In my early ages I started to play the drums, the guitar and the piano. After playing in some bands, I got more and more into the world of filmmusic. In 2012 I decided to enter the professional filmmusic industry and started to study music at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, which I completed successfully. Ever since I have been composing music for several clients.

Together with film directors I am working on the concept and a common vision of the music and its effect on the film:

  • What is the overall musical style of the film?
  • Which role does the music play in the film?
  • Where should be music, where not and why? (Spotting session)
  • What are the characteristics of a certain character and how can this be transcribed musically?
  • What is the subtext of a particular scene?

Answering these questions is my daily business – and I love it!
So feel free to get in touch and let us do great things together!


  • 2nd prize winner: Berlin International Filmscoring Competition 2023

  • 3rd prize winner: “Vienna Filmmusic Competition 2020”:

Nominated projects

  • „Der dunkle Reigen“ directed by Dominik Bücheler: Student world awards in Kalifornien, USA 2018
  • „The fucking lack of love“ directed by Jana Sulm: Official Selection for the South Europe International Film Festival in Valencia 2020

Why me?

  • Your project will be the only one I am working on in this period.

  • I am reliable, punctual and always open minded to new ideas

  • I have a distinctive feeling for instrumentation and practical knowledge about playing techniques and their sound emulation with sample libraries.

  • I offer varied arrangements, memorable melodies, driving rhythms and unique Soundscapes

  • I have a strong sensitivity for narrative strands within a film

Let’s do it

  • Send me a short scene of your film (around 30 seconds) which I will score for free. So you will get a little idea of how my music will effect your scene.

  • Call me, write or come over to my studio, have a nice cup of coffee and we will bring your project to the next level!


e-mail: hans_krones@ymail.com

phone: +43 664 1322736

Aiglhofstraße 45

5020 Salzburg


VAT: ATU77961001